Career Coaching Services

Guiding You To Your Potential

Mission Statement.

Most obstacles in life are self-imposed. That is certainly true in our professional lives. Not knowing what to do, leads to feeling stuck and unproductive. We hold ourselves back, not fully exploring what we are capable of doing and being. What may have worked in the past is not working so well now. We know life’s a journey, but to where and for what?

When we are unable to fully realize our ambitions or happiness, we’re unable to be our authentic selves, and the world doesn’t see our true talents.

I enjoy finding potential in people (they did not see). That’s why I’m dedicated to career strategy and coaching that helps people discover their real talents and express themselves fully for a successful career transition or job search.

I help people advance their talent — in their professional life — with greater skill and freedom. This leads my clients to living more consciously aligned, purposeful and fulfilled lives.

What I Provide.


My expertise is helping individuals in career transition, personal branding and job search.


I provide expert support, new structures and tools to Reflect, Discover and Understand what you're doing and why. You get greater clarity, meaning and success. This leads to a job offer that truly fits you.


All of my work is done with appreciation for each client and their unique needs; with deep listening, openness and empathy.

Why Work With Me?

Regardless of where you are in your career, I function as an Agent, Counselor and Coach, listening, guiding and preparing you for success throughout the job search and interview process.

You will benefit from insight gained from 25 years of studying what the most demanding/sought after employers in the country look for in an ideal candidate. My experience across a diverse array of skillsets and verticals enables me to customize individual programs for candidates to more effectively discover/present their Personal Brand resulting in a much higher rate of call-backs and offers.

Tooting My Horn

Sean is widely regarded as an industry and Personal Branding “expert” and has appeared on CBS National News. In addition, he has contributed to 2 New York Times Best-Selling Books in Martin Yate’s “Knock Em Dead” Series: Secrets & Strategies For Success In An Uncertain World and Secrets & Strategies For First Time Job Seekers. Koppelman designed “The 5 A’s of Personal Branding” program which was adopted by Monroe College to provide their students with a competitive edge when searching for Internships and jobs.


My communication style/sense of humor and "straight-forward" personality are often what clients note as distinguishing from others providing similar services.


My goals are simple: Make the Coaching process more personal, more effective and more fun for my clients.

Focus Areas.


Conducting a more focused and effective Job Search


Guiding you through and preparing you for making a successful Job or Career change


Partnering with you to elevate your Personal Brand via multiple touchpoints

Featured Service

Resumé + LinkedIn Review


A 45 minute in-depth call to review the resume, your professional evolution, understand your goals, your authentic voice, and what distinguishes you from the competition.  Then, together we will integrate this information into a new, compelling Personal Brand Story that clearly demonstrates your added value.

LinkedIn/Social Media:

A 45 minute in-depth call to review your LinkedIn Profile and Social Media presence.  We will then make actionable recommendations that will provide you with a new LinkedIn/Social Strategy! You will  have tools to elevate your visibility, create content, establish credibility in your industry, increase your network, and grow your Personal Brand!

Coaching Packages.

Coaching Package 1

Career Strategy Session + Support

A 60 minute phone or video session to explore the career topics of your choice.

These topics often include: career strategy, professional branding, interview preparation, outreach to networks and job search follow-up.

(Pricing provided upon request)

Coaching Package 2

Career Plan + Practice

For more support, choose to work with me over several sessions via phone or video so that you can set a plan, make progress with guidance and support and gain confidence through practice, reflection, feedback and adjustment. In just a short time, you can put to use what you’ve learned and integrate them into future actions for your career search. Sessions are structured and tailored for your needs. Includes 4 hours of coaching.

(Pricing provided upon request)

Coaching Package 3

All-In: Career Coaching

For more in depth and comprehensive support, I want to be a cornerstone of your support team — I want to build an “All In” Career Coaching Relationship with you.

Through a monthly agreement, you will retain me for career strategy and coaching services which may include an unspecified number of phone or video sessions, review of documents or emails for job search, and career coaching support via many communication channels – phone, video, emails, face-to-face, messaging, etc. My role is to support you fully in your career search/ transition in whatever may come up.

*Retained “All-In” monthly fee requires a 2 month minimum commitment*

(Pricing provided upon request)

I look forward to hearing how I can best serve you!